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Pirastro permanent solo b snaar voor contrabas

maat3/4 (4/4)
overige kenmerken--
tensiemedium (34.2 kg)
webwinkel code433.112

Opmerking fabriek

Snaren met een kern van carbonstaal met een krachtige klank en grote projectie. Spreken gemakkelijk aan, zijn zeer elastisch en moduleren goed. Ideaal voor arco en pizzicato. Zijn stabiel en hebben een lange levensduur.

Features The core material is a high-tensile rope made from carbon steel which is wound with nickel. clear and focused sound especially suited for arco and soloistic playing very quick response big volume with great projection instantly playable and absolutely stable Perpetual strings are characterised by great flexibility and an extraordinary tonal spectrum – from a sweet, warm tone to sheer endless power, everything is possible. The sound is like a large house with plenty of room for individual design. At the same time the tone is focussed and clear, the most delicate touches are instantly audible and the base warmth always present. The natural qualities and timbre of each cello are enhanced by the strings’ great dynamics and intensity. During the development we concentrated on reducing the break-in time. Our technicians did an impressive amount of research and analysis to develop a device for measuring the settling-in time, so each individual string can be tuned and brought to pitch before dispatch. This enables the materials used in the string to adjust and settle which reducing break-in time significantly.